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#1 SPORTS GAME in 27 countries!

#1 ACTION GAME in 10 countries!

“90%… SuperPro Snowboarding has knocked it out of the park” – Touch Arcade

“The sickest snowboarding game out there. By far” – Pro snowboarder Halldor Helgason


“BEST GAME EVER” – Evan22486 App Store

SuperPro Snowboarding is the ultimate freestyle snowboarding game for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.
Do you have what it takes to become number one?

Start as an amateur and try and make it as a pro! Win contests, earn sponsorships, do photo shoots to build notoriety, and, if you’re good enough, you’ll get invited to the SuperPro Games!

Outfit your rider with authentic gear from Neff, Sandbox, Skullcandy, Bataleon, Switchback Bindings, Lobster Snowboards, YES Snowboards, NOW Bindings, Airhole Facemasks, Endeavor Snowboards and Whitegold Snowboards.

Key features

  • EPIC MOMENTS: Drop from a helicopter, gap a building, land a quad cork!
  • AUTHENTIC TRICKS: Grab, tweak, spin, flip, slide, press & hand drag
  • SUPERPRO CONTROLS: You decide how fast you spin and flip!
  • COMBO TRICK SYSTEM: 1000′s of trick combinations
  • 31 LEVELS: Ride and conquer them all!
  • 4 EVENT TYPES: Slopestyle, Big Air, Rail Jam & Backcountry
  • MULTIPLAYER: Go head to head with turn-based multiplayer
  • DAILY CHALLENGES: Fresh new challenges every day!


  • RANK SYSTEM: Level up your character by earning experience points every time you ride
  • STORE FRONT: Upgrade your rider with new outfits, boards and tricks
  • REALTIME PHYSICS: Built to simulate real snowboarding
  • VIDEO REPLAYS: Watch your replays and share them online
  • GAME CENTER SUPPORT: Online Leaderboards & Achievements
  • UNIVERSAL APP: iPad and iPhone included
  • iCLOUD ENABLED: Play on one device and continue on another